Kelly's Story

Bark and Clean was born as I drove with my beloved Angel, a rescue beagle, to Fort Benning from New York to visit my son during his Basic Training in 2019. My son was having a challenging time, so I brought along Angel to uplift his spirit.

But I can tell you, being in a packed car for 18 hours with a dog who suffers from anxiety and does not travel easily is ruff, and I was unprepared.

As I pulled up to a rest stop, I was lost amongst the pads, wipes, sprays, and poop bags that I had packed. Angel wanted to stretch her legs and run, and I was trying to dig into my trunk for her needs.

I realized there must be a better way. I started researching for a travel-friendly dog kit, but there wasn't any. After much research and over 300 hours of tests, I came up with Bark and Clean.

Bark and Clean provides you with all your furry friend's travel needs in a small travel-friendly box. Whether it's a road trip, camping, a flight in the sky, or heading back to the office, this TSA-approved box has what it takes.

Try it out today and share with me your travel stories and adventures. Can't wait to hear all the amazing adventures.


Angel crossed the rainbow bridge in 2021 after a long battle. She was the joy in my family's life and managed to always bring us together. Bark and Clean is in her memory, and I wish she could have seen this kit