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Chew + Heal

UTI Treatment For Dogs

UTI Treatment For Dogs

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When you think of your dog, think Chew & Heal. We have redefined what dog care means. There's no more need to worry about what you're giving your dog, or what's in your supplements. Instead, we have created the easiest, most versatile, stylish travel kit with everything you need to care for your furry friend and go out and play a game of catch.

With over a decade of fostering dogs and cats, we've learned that pups should be kept on a daily schedule of vitamins and supplements, just like humans. Every dog has its own background and history, and they deserve a unique treatment that is natural, tasty, and safe.

Corrects the imbalance in a pet’s urinary and immune systems
Helps reduce discomfort
Supports the proper health of the bladder wall and urethra
May help to minimize bacterial colonization
Made in the USA
120 Soft Chews

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