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Chew + Heal

Stop The Poo Chew Coprophagia for Dogs

Stop The Poo Chew Coprophagia for Dogs

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Chew + Heal Stop the Poo Chew coprophagia treatment for dogs is an excellent poo eating deterrent for dogs, plus it also serves as a bad breath treatment!

Using natural ingredients, digesting enzymes, and prebiotics, Stop the Poo Chew makes the dog’s poo taste foul, and helps boost gut and digestive health to eliminate the cause of poo eating.

Features & Details

-Deters Dogs from Eating Their Own Poo
- Helps Neutralize Urine and Stool Odor
- Neutralizes Bad Breath
- Glutamic Acid - Makes stool taste disgusting
- Yucca – Neutralizes stool and urine odor
- Digestive Enzyme Blend - Helps digest and process nutrient ingredients
-Parsley Leaf – Reduces bad breath
- Chamomile – Digestion support
- Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) – prebiotic to support healthy gut bacteria
- 120 Soft Chews
- Made in the USA
- Not For Cats
- See Results Begin in Approximately 2 Weeks

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