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    Great quality pads - superior to standard blue pads!

    These pads rock, plain and simple.If you've never tried the gray charcoal pads versus the standard blue pee pads, you're in for a treat.The gray ones do so many things that the blue ones don't:1.) They camouflage the pee - once it dries, it's invisible.2.) They also conceal the odor MUCH better. I don't have to change these everyday like the blue ones.3.) They blend into your home much better than the bright blue ones.Try these and see the difference. I will never go back to the blue ones! You actually change these less, so they end up being a better value too.

    Large, absorbant pads.

    I was looking for some pads, for long days at work type of scenario. I received this product, which was an okay price, but it ended up being larger than I needed. It is also very absorbent, moreso than the previous product which produced a bit of splatter.

    Heather Anderson
    No smell

    I got the big ones for my dog. And most have an oder after the day is up and these didn't seem to smell or at least wasn't noticable

    Seems to be on the cheaper made side

    I like the size, they are huge!! But, they are very thin and don't hold up very well for heavy soiling. Literally had one fall apart, which left a bigger mess. Needless to say, was not happy.

    HUGE! Absorbent. High quality!

    These pads are awesome! As you can see, 3 chihuahua mixes would fit there without a problem. They’re absorbent. When my dogs pee, the stain looks dark grey because of the charcoal. Some people might find that a plus, since it looks tidier. These are THE biggest pads I’ve found in a long time. But…They are very expensive. I don’t want to pay $12 for a 10-count pack of a product I have to toss out daily. It quickly adds up and it’s unrealistic for many households. HOWEVER…other than the price, I can’t say anything negative. They’re solid, 5-star pads. Do I like the price? NO! Are they high quality? Absolutely. I hope they consider changing the price or having a better value box with a high count of pee pads to maximize savings.