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My name is Kelly. I've been fostering dogs and cats for 35 years, and I would love to tell you the story that was the inspiration for my brand.

Bark & Clean was born as I drove with my beloved Angel to Fort Benning from New York to visit my son during his Basic Training in 2019. My son was having a challenging time, so I brought along Angel to uplift his spirit. But I can tell you, being in a packed car for 18 hours with a dog who suffers from anxiety and does not travel easily is ruff, and I was unprepared.

 As I pulled up to a rest stop, I was lost amongst the pads, wipes, sprays, and poop bags that I had packed. Angel wanted to stretch her legs and run, and I was trying to dig into my trunk for her needs.I realized there must be a better way. I started researching for a travel- friendly dog care kit, but there wasn't any. After much research and over 300 hours of tests, I came up with Bark and Clean.

Bark and Clean provides you with all your furry friend's travel needs in a small travel-friendly box. Whether it's a road trip, camping, a flight in the sky, or heading back to the office, this TSA-approved box has what it takes.

 Try it out today and share with me your travel stories and adventures. I can't wait to hear about all of your amazing experiences.

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