Stop The Poo Chew, Chew + Heal’s Supplement to Promote Good Dog Habits

Stop The Poo Chew, Chew + Heal’s Supplement to Promote Good Dog Habits

Stop The Poo Chew, Chew + Heal’s Supplement to Promote Good Dog Habits


Dogs are man's best friend and not for no reason; they bring joy and companionship into their owner's life. Yet, they have some unhealthy and bad habits, and the leading one could be coprophagia—that is, eating poop.


What Causes Dogs to Eat Their Poop?


Generally, dogs eating their own poop is harmless and nothing more than an unpleasant habit. Yet, it is essential to rule out with your veterinarian possible medical causes, such as nutritional deficiencies, digestion issues, and intestinal parasites. If your dog has none of these concerns, you can safely presume that your dog is partaking in their poop out of boredom, habit, attention, or anxiety. 


Presuming that your pet does not have any underlying issues, the habit of eating their own poop is typical puppy behavior. Your puppy is learning how to be a dog by exploring the world—taste included. While most puppies outgrow this behavior, it's up to you to provide proper guidance and positive reinforcement. If you don't, you risk making your dog's habit permanent.


Whose Poo Are They Eating?


As long as your pup is eating its own poo, disgusting as it might be, it is harmless. But if your dog begins eating other dogs or animals' poops, then there is reason to be concerned. 


Eating the waste of other animals could expose your dog and your family to harmful parasites and diseases.


How Do You Help Your Dog Explore Happily and Healthily?


Whether your dog eats its poop out of habit, digestive issues, or nutritional deficiency, Chew + Heal's Stop The Poo Chew coprophagia treatment is an excellent poo eating deterrent for dogs. It also serves as a bad breath treatment. Using natural ingredients, digesting enzymes, and prebiotics, Stop the Poo Chew makes the dog's poo taste foul and helps boost gut and digestive health to eliminate the cause of poop eating.



Here are some of its functions:


  • Glutamic acid makes the stool taste gross, and yucca helps neutralize the dog's stool and urine odor.
  • The chews contain digestive enzymes to boost gut health and eliminate the cause of dogs eating poop.
  • With Parsley leaves, Stop The Chew works as a natural aid to neutralize bad-smelling breath and leave a fresher, more pleasant odor.
  • Containing Fructooligosaccharides (FOS), a prebiotic that provides a food source for beneficial gut bacteria and chamomile, this dog supplement helps support digestion.
  • The chew's formula includes a digestive enzyme blend to help better utilize all nutrients.


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