Keep Your Dog’s Ears Clean and Fresh, Chew + Heal’s Ear Cleaner

Keep Your Dog’s Ears Clean and Fresh, Chew + Heal’s Ear Cleaner

Every pup owner knows that their dog is more than a pet; it's family. And just as you ensure the utmost care for every aspect of your child's health, so too do you need to maintain your dog's health, even when it's slightly gross. So, let's talk about ear cleaning.

Ear cleaning is an integral part of your dog's grooming needs. Some dogs need more ear cleaning than others, and dogs prone to ear infections benefit from more frequent ear cleanings.


Why is it important to clean your dog's ears?

A dog's ear canal is horizontal, making it difficult for material trapped deep within the horizontal channel to be expelled without the assistance of cleanings. This material can lead to itchiness and ear infections if not removed.


How to clean a dog's ears?

If you've never cleaned your dog's ears before, we are here to tell you that it is simple and straightforward. For liquid solutions, drop the recommended dosage into their canals and massage the base of their ear to work in the solution. If you are using wipes, they are pretty intuitive—wipe your dog's ears thoroughly. Just be sure not to go any deeper than one knuckle deep; otherwise, you could hurt your dog's ear canal.


Do all dogs need their ears cleaned?

Yes and no. If your dog's ears are healthy, it might not be necessary to clean their ears, especially as overcleaning a dog's ears can lead to irritation and infection. But if you notice any discharge or irritation to their ears, then a thorough clean is probably needed. 


Chew + Heal's Ear Cleaner, the vet-preferred drop solution



Chew + Heal's Ear Cleaner formula is crafted with gentle, non-sting ingredients that soothe and are safe for your pet's ears. They help clear the ear canal by dissolving ear wax, making it easy to remove foreign debris from your dog's ears safely. Ideal for daily use or whenever needed, especially after swimming or bathing.

Additionally, the Ear Cleaner contains witch hazel which serves as an astringent, healing your dog's skin and helping dry their ear canal to prevent infections and itching. Its fresh baby powder fragrance delivers a crisp and clean finish to their ears, removing any foul odor. 

You can use the Ear Cleaner on dogs or cats alike.

And as always, Chew + Heal's products are USA-made with premium-grade ingredients.


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