Chew + Heal Dog Lawn Saver, Your Cure To Grass Burns

Chew + Heal Dog Lawn Saver, Your Cure To Grass Burns

Having a dog is a beautiful gift; they bring joy and companionship to your life. But when they ruin your recently planted or mowed lawn, it can be pretty frustrating. Those yellow burn spots create havoc in the yard.

The spots make the yard look less attractive and are hard to get rid of. Add in two or more dogs, and you may be facing an utterly dead lawn in the not-too-distant future.

We've broken down this common concern and have the scoop on how to prevent this unsightly situation.


What Causes Dog Urine Spots?

The yellow spots that develop after your dog urinates on your lawn are caused by the high concentration of nitrogen-containing compounds and associated salts that are naturally present in dog urine. Imagine putting too much fertilizer on a specific portion of your lawn; it will cause burns to the grass. Similar results occur when your dog urinates a highly concentrated amount of urine onto a particular spot of your property. 

Contrary to popular belief, urine spots are not caused exclusively by female dogs or certain breeds. Instead, it's the result of urine being deposited in a small concentrated area. Now, since female dogs tend to squat and stay in one spot to urinate, it will be more likely to damage the grass in that spot. But any dog (male or female) that squats or sprays in one place will deposit urine into a concentrated area. Dog urine spots may also be more noticeable with larger dogs due to the higher volume of urine produced.


Treatment For Your Furry Friend 

Chew And Heal has created a nutritional-packed Lawn Saver supplement. This dog chew contains an amino acid that lowers nitrogen levels, guaranteeing that your dog's urine does not stain your green lawn. 

The supplement utilizes natural ingredients like yucca and protease (from papaya) that help lower nitrogen levels in your dog's waste, which helps reduce stool odor.

The Lawn Saver is filled with Vitamin B and live probiotics, which help balance your dog's urine and digestion of dog food. Additionally, its enzymes and amino acids improve the alkaline-acid balance.

All said and done, the Lawn Saver chews are an essential dog supplement so that you retain your pristine green lawn while simultaneously neutralizing the smell of their stool.

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