10 Tips for Traveling with Dogs: How to Prepare for a Stress-Free Trip

10 Tips for Traveling with Dogs: How to Prepare for a Stress-Free Trip

Sometimes you want or need to travel with your furry friend. Whether it's to bring it on your summer vacation or to move cross-country, traveling with your furry friend can be a lot of fun, but it can also be stressful. That's why preparation is key! This blog post will list ten tips to help make your trip a breeze. These tips will help keep your dog safe and comfortable whenever you're flying. So, pack your bags and get ready for some fun!


  1. Book early:

One of the most important things you can do when flying with your dog is book your flight early. Usually, airlines only allow a certain number of pets onto a given flight, and at times there can be restrictions and hurdles to cross. So, booking early will ensure that you get a spot for your dog on the plane and that he has a comfortable place to stay during the flight.


  1. Fly direct:

If possible, try to fly direct when traveling with your dog. Connecting flights can be stressful and confusing for you and your dog, so flying directly will help reduce some of that stress. It will also make it easier for you since you won't have to worry about ensuring your dog is in its carrier during a layover.


  1. Visit the veterinarian:

Before flying with your dog, visiting the vet is always a good idea. Your vet can check to make sure that your dog is healthy enough to travel and give you any necessary paperwork or vaccinations that may be required by the airline. If you plan on flying internationally, talk it over with your vet, and ensure you have all the necessary paperwork and health certificates. Additionally, your vet can provide you with tips on how to help reduce your dog's anxiety during travel.


  1. Buy a carrier:

You'll need to purchase an airline-approved pet carrier when flying with your dog. The carrier should be large enough for your dog to stand up and turn around in but not too big that it's cumbersome to carry. It's also important that the carrier has proper ventilation so that your dog can breathe easily during the flight.

When choosing a carrier, consider the size of your dog and the type of plane you'll be flying on. For example, if you're flying on a small plane, you may need to get a smaller carrier than you would for a larger aircraft. Additionally, some airlines have weight restrictions for pet carriers, so check with your airline before purchasing one.

Additionally, consider if your dog will be flying under your seat or in cargo. A soft-sided carrier is preferred under your set, whereas a hard but well-ventilated container is your best option for cargo flying.

  1. Identification tags:

Ensure your dog is wearing proper identification tags with his name, your name, and contact information before flying. This will help ensure that if your dog gets lost during the trip, he can be returned to you quickly and safely. You may also want to consider microchipping your dog before flying, as this can provide an extra layer of protection in case he gets lost. A pro tip, also have a good quality picture of your furry friend so the staff can locate it in case it gets lost.


  1. Test out your dog in his carrier:

Once you have a carrier and it's time to travel, getting your dog used to being in the carrier before flying is essential. Put the carrier in a quiet room at home and let your dog explore it and get comfortable with it. You can even put a toy or treat inside to entice your dog to go in. Once he's comfortable with the carrier, take him on short car rides in it so that he can get used to being in motion while in the carrier.


  1. Feeding your dog:

Make sure to feed your dog about four hours before the flight and continue to give him water right up to the time of travel. This will help prevent any upset stomach during the flight. It's also important not to overfeed your dog, as this can make flying uncomfortable for him.


  1. Arriving early:

When flying with your dog, arrive at the airport early. This will give you plenty of time to check in, get through security, and find your gate. It will also provide you with time to take your dog out for a potty break before boarding the plane and preparing it for the journey ahead.


  1. Don't give your pet tranquilizers:

Some people like to take a sleeping pill or valium before a flight, but don't give one to your pet. Tranquilizers can have adverse effects on dogs, so it's best not to give them to your pet before flying. If your dog is anxious about flying, talk to your vet about other options to help ease his anxiety, such as pheromone collars or calming supplements.


  1. You've arrived!

Lastly, once you have arrived, before checking into your hotel, go for a long walk with your dog. This will help him burn off any energy and hopefully make him tired so that he can sleep while you're gone during the day. It will also help him get used to his new surroundings and start the trip off on the right paw!


Whew! That was a lot of information. But if you follow these tips, flying with your furry friend will be a breeze.

Do you have more questions about air travel and your pet? Or are you looking for great natural supplements to make your trip more enjoyable and easier? Check the rest of our site or call our dog-loving help center, and we'll be more than happy to assist you.

And now that you know all there is to know about flying with your dog, it's time to start planning that dream vacation. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and explore the world with your furry friend by your side!


Happy flying!


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